Severin Films

Good afternoon all!

In order to manage the remarkable influx of sale email orders we will be shutting down the address at 2:00PM PST today until 9:00AM PST on Friday so we can fully concentrate on processing everything that has already come in. If you were still planning to submit a new order or add to an existing order, have no worries, we'll resume taking orders when we relaunch on Friday, and sale prices will still be in effect for a couple of days.

We know this has been a taxing and highly unusual process, and we appreciate your patience. Please understand that we have folks working in shifts around the clock to manually input each order through the back end of the website then sending out the confirmation emails once the order is processed which takes about 10 mins or more per order, so it will take a few days to get through them, as orders have not stopped coming in. If you have sent in an order, but have not received your invoice yet, there is no need to be concerned, we will get to your order.

As always, we thank you for your support and enthusiasm for all things Severinian.